Welcome to the web page of Carmen Martín, Spanish singer and songwriter, who has been living in Munich (Bavaria, Germany) since 2009.

Sitting close to her guitarist, Carmen unfolds a varied flamenco repertoire, enjoying "cante por delante" (singing as a soloist) as much as "cante por detrás" (singing for the dancer), the rhythmically accentuated "cante a compás" as well as the free "cantes libres".

But Carmen's singing is not limited to flamenco. It takes the listener on a colourful journey through the the world of Spanish and Latin-American music, traditional as well as modern, from the 'copla' to the 'bolero cubano', from the 'zamba' to the 'tango argentino': song treasures hoarded during a lifetime of singing (from her first performance at six years old), which she renders with a clear voice with a slight flamenco edge.

The flavour of all these styles and more are reflected in het own compositions, some samples of which can be found on this website.